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What TPS Will Do For Your Company

TPS will perform a professional analysis of your current or potential credit card processing. We will then design a custom solution to fit your particular needs and provide a Bankcard quotation. This is performed with no cost or obligation to you.

You immediately qualify for FLAT RATE pricing of .40% above Interchange, the rates we all pay Visa/MasterCard. Since all processors pay the same rate, you benefit with a rate of forty basis points above cost. High volume merchants may qualify for an even lower cost.

From this point we will handle everything for you!

Our system handles all major credit cards. Electronically swiped transactions are approved instantly and settled daily. Funds are electronically deposited with the bank of your choice.

We are not a bank or in competition with your bank, and therefore do not provide checking accounts, loans or other banking services. We specialize in the design, installation, training and support for credit card, debit card and ATM programs. Let our expertise work for you. Please give us a call at 678-366-0308.

Total Payment Systems offers the complete
Merchant Credit Card System

TPS supports everything from the single terminal/printer system to the most sophisticated integrated solution. Our professional analysis and bankcard quotations are provided at no cost or obligation. Please give us a call at 678-366-0308.

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