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ISO-MSP Sales Opportunities

We can offer the experienced Bankcard sales professional the ideal partnership with excellent buy rates, ongoing residual income and the ability to operate independently with the support you need.

BUY RATE - You work with the same buy rates we have from Worldpay. Interchange Plus (ICP); no bundled or tiered pricing. The merchant rate is Interchange, the rate all providers pay to Visa/MasterCard. We all pay the same rates regardless of volume. The Plus is the number of basis points your merchant pays above actual cost.

EQUIPMENT and SOFTWARE - You can form your own relationship to provide equipment and software or buy at our costs. Purchased equipment is programmed, delivered and your merchant trained at no additional cost.

RESIDUAL INCOME - You share in the income produced by your merchants. Ongoing income that continues to grow as your merchant base expands. As long as you actively support your merchant base and reach the minimum gross income guidelines, you will share commissions as long as your merchant is on the system.

CONTRACTUAL RESTRICTIONS - Other than following Bankcard rules and regulations, you have the freedom to form other relationships or resign your merchants with another provider. No initiation fees, monthly reports that show your volume and commissions, 24 hour, seven day support and much more.

We can offer the true professional looking for a trouble free relationship the opportunity to earn excellent income from the sale of equipment plus residual income. You will not be confined by a restricted relationship. Expand your business and watch your income grow.

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