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Mobile Application Using Your Smart Phone

Mobile Payments
Imagine giving your customers the flexibility of making purchases anywhere within your store or off site. Take the terminal to them with Worldpay Mobile App, a secure, versatile smart phone application that turns an asset you already own – your smart phone – into a handheld device with all the payment processing power you need.

Versatile Payment Capabilities
The Worldpay Mobile App works on most smart phone operating systems and does not require service from a specific wireless carrier. Simply download the app to your phone, activate your account and you're ready to accept card payments.
As a fully functioning payment terminal, you can process payments with optional AVS entry, send receipts directly to customer email addresses, view transaction history, and manage your payments in the palm of your hand. You can also take advantage of additional features like Voice 2 Text and reverse phone lookup to help you easily input customer information.

Worldpay Card Reader
By combining the Worldpay Mobile App with a Worldpay Card Reader, your phone can quickly and securely swipe and process card payments at a fraction of the cost of a wireless terminal. Transactions are quicker and you save processing costs by swiping your customers' cards. The reader is compatible with any smart phone with a headphone jack, turning your phone into a practical point-of-sale device.

Convenient For You And Your Customers
The Worldpay Mobile App and the Worldpay Card Reader are perfect for on-the-go merchants who want to accept payment at the time of service or when a product is purchased. This powerful technology makes payment from remote locations fast and easy, and can help improve cash flow. The power of payments in the palm of your hand is perfect for you and your customers.

Same Flat Rate Discount of .40% over Interchange; the rate all providers pay to Visa/MasterCard. This brings more dollars to your bottom line.