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Pricing – .40% Flat Rate Pricing! Without a review of your processing statements, even if you are a start-up business. You pay this low rate plus Interchange. Interchange is what all processors pay Visa/MasterCard regardless of their volume; we all pay the same. Your price will be our cost for Interchange plus forty basis points. Your Flat Rate could be lower.

With a review of your Visa/MasterCard Statements for High Volume Merchants your Flat Rate can even be lower. Supply us with a recent monthly statement and we will work up an even more competitive Flat Rate. We will then provide you with a comparison and inform you of your monthly and annual savings.

Guaranteed Flat Rate as long as you're on our system. Interchange rates are set by Visa/MasterCard and are subject to change. Authorization and per item rates are based on your average ticket.

Many merchant service providers only offer tier pricing instead of ICP; Interchange (what all providers pay) plus a flat rate charge above cost. So many merchants looking for a Service Provider "Price Shop", i.e., who will quote the lowest discount. If this was a true proven method, when looking for an automobile, why are we not all driving a Hyundai??? Probably because price is not the only feature to consider. Service, reputation of the provider, history of performance and many other factors should be considered. Same when choosing a service provider. When you consider all resellers, regardless of their size or volume, pay the same fixed cost to Visa and MasterCard (interchange) how can one appear to be so drastically lower than another. The answer is simply, they cannot. If an item cost the provider $1.00 and his up front swiped promotional price is seventy-five cents, count on it. He's making it up somewhere else. Make certain (if you accept sales face to face) you know not only the swiped rate but what happens if the sale is hand-keyed, settled after 24-hours, AVS is not used on hand keyed sales, commercial cards, international cards, and so on. Instead of a promotional rate that could change tomorrow, our quotes are guaranteed not to increase except for announced increases from Visa and/or MasterCard. In our case, National Processing Company and their billions of dollars guides our program along with a 24/7 support group that will help you as long as you are on our system---no cost to you. We provide the support, not some third party. We want to earn your business for as long as you are in business.

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